Achievement Network (ANet) is a nonprofit dedicated to educational equity for all students. For 13 years, ANet has worked with schools and districts in underserved communities to support great classroom teaching - teaching that is grounded in standards and supported by professional learning. We do this by providing comprehensive instructional support to schools, including school coaching and professional learning, supported by district-level partnerships. ANet anchors our approach in our expertise, as well as research on effective, impactful professional learning and the critical role it plays in catalyzing great instruction. 


ANet differentiates our professional learning for the unique needs of each school and district. Our areas of expertise are 1) standards-aligned, data-driven instructional leadership development for school and district leaders; 2) ELA and math instructional content knowledge; and 3) system advising around developing an assessment strategy, selecting and implementing high-quality instructional materials, and developing a professional learning trajectory to support system-wide priorities.


ANet currently works with over 900 schools and 100 districts nationwide to support leader and teacher development and accelerate student achievement. Multiple states have granted ANet status as a pre-approved professional learning provider, including Massachusetts, Louisiana, Nevada, and Colorado. In Massachusetts, ANet is a pre-approved provider in High-Quality Core Instruction, and our evidence of impact was compelling enough to achieve a rating of Strong Evidence under ESSA.


ANet's on-the-ground experience and industry-leading expertise on standards-aligned instruction make us the best-qualified organization to provide curriculum-specific professional learning to schools and districts across Rhode Island.

PL Offerings

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Full Partnership

Admins and Teachers

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Admins, Coaches, and Leads

District Alignment Partnership 

Admins and Teachers

System Advising

Admins, Coaches, and Leads

Evidence of Impact

Providers were asked to submit evidence of their organization's impact on educator and student outcomes. This data will help consumers of professional learning make informed decisions about which providers can meet your local needs.

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Aligned with Curriculum

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