American Reading Company has professional development options related to the Standards in English and Spanish Language Arts/Literacy Support around literacy best practices and the instructional modules of the Comprehensive Core Curriculum, Research Labs/ARC Literacy Lab, and 100 Book Challenge. ARC’s professional development is highly adaptable and flexible to meet the needs of the district and/or school. The total number of professional development days, time of year, language of instruction (English and/or Spanish), and recommended service types of PD can all be modified to best serve the district and/or school.

ARC has a twenty-year history of successfully creating and implementing differentiated professional learning models to develop distributed leadership and instructional expertise across educational roles. Expert in both literacy content and pedagogy and in adult learning strategies, ARC Executive Coaches, ARC’s staff developers, work to:

  1. Build internal consensus and capacity around instructional priorities

  2. Facilitate access and equity for all students

  3. Honor teachers and leaders as thinking professionals engaged in continuous improvement


ARC’s team of former district leaders, principals, and expert teachers uniquely combines role-based expertise with deep knowledge of literacy solutions, adult learning methods, and improvement science.

PL Offerings

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Leadership Learning Series


Leadership Team Meetings

Admins and Teachers

On-site Workshops

Coaches and Teachers

Collaborative Planning Meetings

Coaches and Teachers

Research Lessons and Modeling

Coaches and Teachers

Evidence of Impact

Providers were asked to submit evidence of their organization's impact on educator and student outcomes. This data will help consumers of professional learning make informed decisions about which providers can meet your local needs.

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Aligned with Curriculum

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