Creative Computing with Scratch Rhode Island is a project with a mission to work with and inspire educators to engage youth in a range of creative learning experiences within the realm of computer science. We offer Professional Development for educators on two levels. We offer programs for K-2 teachers and for those in grades 3 through 8.

Our programs have five components. We blend’s Computer Science Fundamentals Curriculum, with our own Creative Computing with Scratch RI Professional Development, ScratchEd Community of Practice Meetups , Scratch Extension Activities and Annual Scratch Day Activities and Events. Since K-8 teachers have varying backgrounds in CS,we have designed these five components to work together to help address their varying needs. Our leadership team consists of eight experienced educators, two of our facilitators support the K-2 program and the other six team members work in pairs to facilitate the grade 3-8 offerings.

PL Offerings

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Multi-day Workshops & Follow-up Opportunities

Teachers, Coaches, Principals

Four-day Workshop Series & Follow-up Opportunities

Teachers, Coaches, Principals

3-day Extention Workshops

Teachers, Coaches, Principals

Evidence of Impact

Providers were asked to submit evidence of their organization's impact on educator and student outcomes. This data will help consumers of professional learning make informed decisions about which providers can meet your local needs.

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