Founded in July 2017, Diversity Talks aims to increase the cultural competency of adults by fostering a healing space for adults and youth to have culturally relevant and responsive conversations. While serving as a platform for youth voice, Diversity Talks addresses the lack of conversations in the workplace around topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion by engaging participants in facilitated conversations led by youth. Utilizing Diversity Talks’ approach to youth-led conversations opens up a unique avenue for youth to take the lead in examining inequities within schools, colleges, and businesses.

Diversity Talks specializes in recruiting, selecting and empowering youth to partake in a 30-hour, Student Facilitator Fellowship, where they are equipped with skills in leadership, facilitation, public speaking, coping techniques and conflict resolution before leading Tier 1: Student-Led Professional Development Sessions focused on the following areas:


  • Cultural Competence

  • Cultural Responsiveness

  • Anti-Racism

  • School Culture and Climate

  • Leadership Development

  • Social and Emotional Learning

PL Offerings

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Student-led Professional Development Sessions

All Educators

Embedded Coaching & Support Sessions

Classroom Teachers

Evidence of Impact

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