Facing History and Ourselves (FHAO) is an international education and professional development organization committed to helping shape the next generation of informed, engaged citizens. Through professional development, follow-up support, on-line and best-in-class educational resources, FHAO equips middle- and high-school educators to teach units that integrate social-emotional learning and civic skills into core academic content, including history, social studies, and English/Language Arts. 

In FHAO classrooms, teachers lead students in rigorous investigations of difficult histories, such as the steps leading to the Holocaust, the Reconstruction Era and the fight for Civil Rights in the United States, the Armenian Genocide and current events today.  FHAO helps students explore the choices that individuals, groups, and nations made as well as decision-making that has led to positive change. In the process, students reflect on the choices they face today and consider how they can make a difference as "Upstanders”, rather than bystanders to bigotry and injustice.
More than 85,000 educators across the globe benefit from our resources and methodology. These educators reach millions of students around the globe annually with a proven pedagogy and innovative classroom resources combining the study of history,  literature  and human behavior.
FHAO core work is with educators--primarily teachers, principals, and other school leaders--of students in grades six through twelve. Our resources support both History/Social Studies teachers and ELA teachers.  We also focus on whole school issues- cultural competency and SEL learning. Our model is flexible and responsive, meeting the needs of individual teachers, whole schools and districts.

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