The National Education Association Rhode Island (NEARI) is a union and professional organization with a proud history of serving Rhode Island. NEARI has 12,0000 members who are are classroom teachers, education support professionals, higher education faculty and staff, municipal and state workers, and retirees. We are affiliated with the National Education Association (NEA), RI AFL-CIO, and Working Rhode Island.

NEARI’s Professional Development Committee is comprised of teachers, educational support staff, NEARI staff, and an elected officer who is also a practicing K-12 teacher. This committee provides a variety of professional learning opportunities that meet the needs of PreK-12 classroom teachers and support professionals. We currently offer professional development along four tracks: Blended Learning, Social-Emotional Learning, Educator Development, and Culturally Responsive Teaching. These sessions are led by NEARI staff, community experts, and/or educators who possess expertise in specific content areas and have been trained in leading adult learners. The NEARI PD committee periodically solicits RFPs from members who are interested in facilitating professional learning opportunities. NEARI has also developed partnerships with community organizations with knowledge and expertise in a variety of areas of interest/need to members (Teen Suicide, Teen Dating Violence, LGBTQ students) . The committee reviews each application in order to select qualified trainers and provide a menu of professional learning experiences that are directly related to educators’ professional contexts, meet a wide range of interests and needs, and take into account feedback from previous participants.

PL Offerings

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Blended Learning Series

Teachers, Support Profs., TAs

Social-Emotional Learning Series

Teachers, Support Profs., TAs

Educator Development Series

Teachers, Support Profs., TAs

Evidence of Impact

Providers were asked to submit evidence of their organization's impact on educator and student outcomes. This data will help consumers of professional learning make informed decisions about which providers can meet your local needs.

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