Neuhaus Education Center is a literacy non-profit educational foundation located in Bellaire, Texas, and is dedicated to the prevention of reading failure, and committed to supporting reading success for all. For thirty-nine years, Neuhaus has provided research-based professional development and support to educators, supplied information and resources to families, and offered direct services to adult learners. Its staff includes licensed dyslexia therapists, certified academic language therapists, authors of research papers in peer-reviewed journals and textbook chapters on effective reading instruction, advisors to district and state departments of education, and board members of international organizations that promote scientifically-based reading instruction. Through various partnerships and grants, Neuhaus has been able to build a legacy of serving the community and doing what is best for educators and students. By integrating research-based methods of instruction and highlighting the importance of providing best first instruction, Neuhaus has been successful in changing educator practice and increasing student outcomes within a broad range of communities. Not only has Neuhaus moved the needle for students in urban school districts, but also in rural communities. Third party research has also shown that the professional development Neuhaus provides, as well as coaching services, has changed the trajectory of young children in impoverished communities. Neuhaus believes in treating our clients as partners, and keeps communication open to ensure needs are being met. To support this practice, Neuhaus offers a continuum of services to best meet district needs including, but not limited to, face-to-face professional development, coaching and mentoring, campus learning or implementation walkthroughs, large and small group instruction, and online programming.

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