Nonviolent Schools RI is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the climate and culture in Rhode Island's schools. Our mission is to ensure that all educators, staff, and administrators in Rhode Island have the knowledge and skills to practice and teach nonviolence, thereby improving the climate and culture of our schools. Subsequently, school personnel will educate all students in grades K-12 in the principles and practice of Nonviolence, based on the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (known as Kingian Nonviolence).

The goals of NSRI's training are:

1.To teach participants how to foster a strong sense of belonging and responsibility for
2.To encourage a search for the truth in an opponent's position and experience, leading
to the pursuit of respectful dialogue
3.To develop problem solving skills in order to effectively manage conflict situations
4.To utilize the Nonviolent Steps to resolve conflicts and restore relationships
5.To teach life-long relationship skills
6.To learn how to provide a thriving, peaceful learning environment for students and
teachers, based on the values of Martin Luther King Jr's 6 Principles
7.To increase teaching time, due to the decrease in disruptions from discipline

Post training services include on-site mentoring and could include modeling of Kingian lessons, co-teaching with training participants, restructuring of school's discipline model to reflect the Kingian Nonviolence philosophy, creating an action plan for implementation of the Kingian language and lessons, etc.

PL Offerings

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Conflict Reconciliation Training & Mentoring

All Staff, Community Members

Summer Institute

All Staff, Community Members

Evidence of Impact

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