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Providence ¡CityArts! for Youth, Inc. was founded in 1992 as a community-based arts organization with a mission to provide equal access to quality arts education during after-school and summers to Providence youth, ages 8-14. ¡CityArts! believes that all children deserve access to an arts education. We know that an arts education, in addition to its intrinsic value, teaches children skills that are important to academic achievement and essential to positive relationships. ¡CityArts! curriculum approach is adapted from national arts education models including Positive Youth Development and National Core Art Standards. ¡CityArts! is four-times recognized by the President’s Committee for Arts and Humanities as one of the top 50 youth arts after-school programs in the nation.

Informed by 25 years of fieldwork, ¡CityArts! has developed a series of Positive Youth Development professional developments for educators that focus on social and emotional learning, school climate and culture, and social justice. ¡CityArts! professional developments target strategies to create equitable classrooms and equip teachers with the necessary tools to re-frame ‘traditional’ in-class power structures. ¡CityArts! empowers teachers to model inquisitive, empathetic, creative, and resilient learning modalities — the social and emotional capacities that we believe allow youth to take confident ownership of their ideas and their voices.


Positive Youth Development acknowledges and supports young peoples’ strengths, promotes positive opportunities and outcomes, and fosters pro-social relationships in the places youth live, learn, and play.  Research shows that when programs are designed to include opportunities for positive youth development, students are more likely to thrive and build resiliencies that will help them overcome life’s adversities. Through ¡CityArts! professional developments, educators will learn and practice the skills needed to enfranchise youth as equal partners in a collaborative effort to build their confidence, character, and competence, and expand their sense of connection and care.

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