Since 2002, Ribas Associates and Publications has been assisting preK-12 school leaders and the educators and paraprofessionals in their districts in their mission to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning. All of our trainers, consultants, and authors have over 20 years of experience as school practitioners. Our educator evaluation consultants have served as union officers, principals, assistant superintendents, directors of student services, and superintendents. All are knowledgeable of, and experienced with, the policies, regulations, and laws that govern educator evaluation. Our books and programs are the most current and comprehensive on the market, addressing all the components found in state and district teacher performance rubrics. All of our programs are delivered with corresponding district initiatives and state requirements embedded into the programs. We work with the Rhode Island Association of School Administrators and Rhode Island districts so are well versed in RIDE requirements.

Ribas Associates has almost 150 programs in the areas of social-emotional learning, differentiated instruction, universal design for learning, UbD planning, student management, special education, English language learning, questioning practices, developing and implementing self-assessment, formative and in the moment assessment and checking understanding, summative assessment, working with students from poverty, examining student performance data, co-teaching, mentoring, coaching, educator evaluation, leadership training, closing achievement gaps, parenting and parent/guardian communication, and much more. The links below will take you to a description of all of our programs.

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