Teaching Lab is a nonprofit with a mission to shift the paradigm of teacher professional learning to achieve educational equity. Our model is based on educational research and years of experience supporting communities using ELA and mathematics instructional materials in classrooms.

Research suggests that high-quality professional learning (HQPL) incorporates three critical components: First, HQPL should be centered on research-based core academic content embedded in high-quality instructional materials. We call this the “head” of professional learning. Second, HQPL should be centered on teacher-led communities to build buy-in, social capital, and local expertise. We call this the “heart” of professional learning. Finally, HQPL should be structured around repeated cycles of learning for educators based in classroom practice. We call this the “habits” of professional learning.

We implement head, heart, and habits in practice by creating “Labs” in school systems. Labs are groups of teachers of the same subject and similar grade levels led by “Lab Leaders”, who are experienced local teachers and coaches. Labs work through regular cycles of learning focused on the curriculum used every day in classrooms. (Teaching Lab supports curricula including EL Education 1.0 and 2.0, Guidebooks, and Illustrative Math.)

In partnership with teachers, we transform professional learning from the ground up to dramatically improve student outcomes. Our work starts by launching and leading Labs, but we transition ownership of Labs to local educators over time. We also work with school, district, and state leaders to create the instructional systems necessary to support these changes.

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Evidence of Impact

Providers were asked to submit evidence of their organization's impact on educator and student outcomes. This data will help consumers of professional learning make informed decisions about which providers can meet your local needs.

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Aligned with Curriculum

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