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Voyager Sopris Learning is a leading provider of support, materials, and technologies for educators to ensure all students graduate prepared for college, career, and satisfaction in life after K–12. Our company has built a nearly 40-year legacy on research and data-based instruction, while remaining nimble and responsive to the shifts and changes required by new standards, more demanding and rigorous content, and the needs of educators today. On a daily basis, our company listens to the challenges of teachers and students, and our products are designed to respond to the need for exciting curricula that engage educators and students, while remaining 100% purpose- and data-driven in their delivery.


Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS®) is a course of study that helps educators master the content and principles of effective reading, language, and literacy instruction. With its flexible blend of online and in-person coursework that includes video modeling and interactive activities, face-to-face workshops, print resources, and virtual support, this research-based professional development supports educators in their crucial role of changing reading outcomes that set students on a lifelong path to success.

LETRS takes decades of best practice and scientific research and translates it into practical, manageable, easy-to-understand concepts that can be immediately implemented in the classroom. Content is comprehensive, useful, and empowering to educators—providing the background and science of understanding how students learn to read and write. 

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