WestEd is a non-profit education research, development, and services agency dedicated to discovering what works in education and bridging the gap between research and practice. For over 50 years, WestEd has partnered with educators to understand what works in education to help ensure all students can succeed in school and beyond. WestEd's mission is to promote excellence, achieve equity, and improve learning for children, youth, and adults. In developing and applying the best available resources toward these goals, WestEd has built solid working relationships with education and community organizations at all levels, playing key roles in facilitating the efforts of others and in initiating important new improvement ventures.


With over 700 employees and 14 offices nationwide WestEd has a broad range of expertise in different areas of professional learning including but not limited to:
• English/Language arts and disciplinary literacy
• Mathematics
• Science
• Strengthening school climate and culture
• Improving outcomes for ELL students
• Improving outcomes for students with disabilities
• Strengthening school leadership and professional learning communities

PL Offerings

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Reading Apprenticeship

Admins, Coaches, Teachers

Quality Teaching for English Learners

Admins, Coaches, Teachers

Making Sense of Science

Admins, Coaches, Teachers

Math Pathways and Pitfalls

Coaches and Teachers

VITAL Collaboration & Academic Parent-Teacher Teams

Admins, Leads, Teachers

Evidence of Impact

Providers were asked to submit evidence of their organization's impact on educator and student outcomes. This data will help consumers of professional learning make informed decisions about which providers can meet your local needs.

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ESSA Evidence: Tier I

Providers had the option of submitting evidence that shows how their offerings meet one of the four ESSA tiers.

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